in-track LED driver LC 25/40 W flexC T ADV renders trackbox superfluous

Can be combined with Tridonic Spotlight modules

The new constant current in-track driver with up to 40 watts continues the trend towards miniaturisation.

Driver LC 25W 350-600mA flexC T ADV (White – RAL 9010)

Driver LC 25W 350-600mA flexC T ADV (Black – RAL 9005)

The scaled-down driver technology is installed directly in the adapter, which can be integrated into a 230 V 3-phase track, saving space in the process and making an additional trackbox no longer necessary. The adapters are available in both black and white. The in-track driver can be combined with all LED spotlight modules. The output currents can be conveniently set for the two ranges 300 to 600 mA and 500 to 1050 mA via I-SELECT2 plugs.


Product pages:
Driver LC 25 W 350-600 mA flexC T ADV
Driver LC 40 W 500-1050 mA flexC T ADV