Individually dimmed direct and indirect lighting

In addition to its linear design, the TW G2 PREMIUM SELV 2-channel DT6 LED Driver is now also available in compact housing.

Driver LCA 38 W 350–1050 mA 2xCH C PRE

Driver LCA 38 W 350–1050 mA 2xCH SR PRE

This makes it possible to actuate two modules in one luminaire separately. Equipped with a proportionSWITCH function, different pre-defined dim levels can be set for each channel. Dimming is carried out with opposite effect: If the brightness of one channel is increased, the brightness of the other channel is reduced.

So, for example, it is possible to set different brightnesses for the direct and indirect light share in suspended and free-standing luminaires or even in simple Tunable White applications. All PREMIUM drivers are already certified to DALI-2.

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Driver LCA 38W 350–1050mA 2xCH C PRE
Driver LCA 38W 350–1050mA 2xCH SR PRE