Bundling brings movement into your spotlight design

flexC ADVANCED Driver & SLE G6 module – Fewer components, more variety

Spotlights can now be manufactured even more efficiently: Three drivers are sufficient to cover the entire lumen bandwidth of an LED module. The result is maximum flexibility with regard to product design, which goes hand in hand with low storage costs.

Driver flexC SC ADV + Module SLE G6 + ADV Plug

Overview of available luminous flux




Financial advantages

  • Only one LES19 LED module for all common lumen packages for a luminaire
  • Easy output current selection by plug, making it possible to use different amounts of luminous flux with one driver
  • 100 % Tridonic solution for optimum service and warranty

Technical advantages

  • Stretched Compact housing just 97 mm in length for the further miniaturisation of spotlights and downlights, with optional strain relief
  • Low ripple current (±5 %) for flicker-free luminaires
  • Forward voltage that is perfectly attuned for efficient operation of the SLE modules
  • Safe electrical connection due to strain relief (optional)


Further information

Leaflet Engine SLE
Leaflet Driver ADVANCED
Setbuilder (Additional driver / module combinations can be found quickly and easily using the Web Tool from Tridonic)