B.O.S.E. phosphor: Ortho-silicate phosphors for LED applications

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are nowadays used in all lighting applications, e.g. general lighting, LED-bulbs, automotive, industrial applications. The major aim is “white light” generation in color temperatures between 2,000 K and 10,000 K. Color converting materials such as inorganic phosphors are applied at blue light emitting LEDs to generate white light.

One type of the well known and widely used inorganic phosphors is represented by the ortho-silicate phosphors providing outstanding performance in LED applications. A broadly granted patent family disclosing said ortho-silicates and their application at LEDs is owned by a consortium of four companies, which also offers license to interested candidates.

B.O.S.E. phosphor patents to license based on the priority of:

Austrian Patent No.: AT410266
Title: Light Emitting Device
Filing Date: 28th December, 2000
Patented Date: 25th March, 2003

The consortium consists of:

  • Litec GbR, Germany

If you are interested in a license please contact [email protected]

Licensee list

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