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LED driver LC 25 / 40 / 60 W flexC or o4a NF h16 EXC4

Extra-slim constant-current driver for the luminaire fixture.  more...

Top-ranking patent applicant

In 2021, Tridonic filed 67 patents with the European Patent Office (EPO). According to the current EPO Patent Index, this high number of patent applications ranks Tridonic as the third most active innovator in Austria.  more...

LED module SLE SNC8

Excellent price-performance ratio for basic lighting tasks.  more...

Generation 4 – generated 4 your needs

An innovative combination of flexibility and simple handling that also protects the environment.  more...

New LED module with light that promotes concentration

The linear module series with Activating Light.  more...

First DALI-2 Part 202 certified LED driver for emergency lighting

EM powerLED PRO LiFePO4 1-4W approved for full compatibility with other DALI-2 lighting components.  more...

Tridonic makes ancient art shine in new light

Flexible dimmable lighting solution with basicDIM Wireless.  more...

LED module LLE FLEX 24 V Tunable White PRE

For high-quality, decorative and dynamic lighting solutions.  more...

Zumtobel Group Award: Tridonic presents first special prize for innovation

At the Zumtobel Group Award 2021, a special prize for innovation was awarded on behalf of Tridonic for the first time.  more...

MSensor G3 PIR 4DPI WDA WH – High-performance multi-sensor for low ceiling heights

Small sensor with wide range of application.  more...

Dimmable lighting solution for Louis Vuitton facade

LED drivers underline the luxurious atmosphere at Louis Vuitton in China.  more...

ACU SRL Connection Box 3-POL / 5-POL

For luminaires with connector systems.  more...
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