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Tridonic Business Foundry

Like many other industries, the lighting industry is facing a series of rapid changes. Each of these changes is having an impact – even for an established company with more than 65 years of history such as Tridonic. The Tridonic Business Foundry is our innovation workshop and our way of embracing the challenges and opportunities.
In a rapidly changing market like the lighting industry there is a pressing need to innovate. Tridonic has accepted this challenge by setting up a dedicated innovation team called the “Business Foundry”. The Tridonic Business Foundry embraces new opportunities for shaping the business of the future. Through a combination of monitoring, research and networking the team is seeking new business models, partners and customer groups. Innovative ideas are evaluated promptly so that promising concepts can be adopted at an early stage. The Business Foundry allows us to think outside the box, try out business ideas in agile projects and workstreams and ensure that Tridonic stays ahead of the game.


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Tridonic Business Foundry

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