About Tunable White

Tunable White gives you the option of setting the colour temperature of white light to any value.

With the right colour temperature and illumination it is possible to feel comfortable despite artificial lighting whether you are working in an office, studying at university or recovering in hospital. The “Tunable White” solution simulates natural daylight and can adapt to personal requirements. For example, the well-being of patients in healthcare facilities is improved and the healing process is accelerated. Students and office workers also benefit from this lighting system as they are able to concentrate for longer and are more productive.

The colour temperature can be set to any value. The colourSWITCH mode available for spotlights enables the light colour to be selected specifically for the application. This is useful particularly in the retail sector as it allows the merchandise to be presented in the most appropriate light. The system can also be dimmed between 100 % and 15 % (10 % for LLE and QLE) without shifting the colour temperature. The system is precalibrated at the factory and can be used immediately without any further adjustment. 

The PREMIUM Tunable White system is available as a kit with LED modules and a pre-configured LED driver. The set enables the sequence of daylight to be simulated in spotlights as well as in linear and planar lighting.
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