Tridonic premieres its OLED light modules

Products for professional application, deco and design luminaires

At Light+Building 2012 Tridonic presents OLED light modules for the first time. Three product series are on show, each offering high-quality light, an extremely low profile and the perfect interplay between optics, mechanics and electronics. The company is also providing a glimpse into the future of transparent OLEDs and the first OLED luminaires made with it's modules are shown by luminaire manufacturers.




Dornbirn, Austria – OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes) will enable designers to create completely new types of luminaires thanks to their two-dimensional nature and their diffuse light. Luminaire manufacturers Semperlux, Ludwig Leuchten, Spittler Lichttechnik, Idl, Hatec Lichttechnik and Ridi Leuchten, will be showcasing some pioneering luminaires with Tridonic OLED modules. There will be prototypes and also series-ready pendant luminaires, floor-standing luminaires and individual OLED lighting designs.

Transparent OLEDs

Tridonic is providing a glimpse into the future with a transparent OLED. This module offers direct and indirect light and a transparency of more than 50 %. The possibility of integrating transparent OLED modules in glass means that they are suitable for use in glass room dividers.

OLED modules from Tridonic

All the product series have an integrated adaptive driver system, making it easy for the modules to be integrated in numerous lighting applications and luminaire types. The three product series have extremely low-profile designs, opening up innovative modern luminaire concepts.

Efficient OLEDs for professional lighting applications

The LUREON REP OLED modules offer high luminance and high efficiency and are therefore the ideal choice for introducing organic light into high-performance lighting applications. The system in the square version offers high luminance and efficiency. The optimised diffuse output optics contribute to the high performance of the light module. LUREON REP modules are used wherever uniform professional-level light is required. Typical applications include professional long-run luminaires and square illuminated surfaces of various dimensions. On the basis of these elements Tridonic is taking the opportunity of Light+Building to present a possible office application scenario involving an OLED installation with a light output of more than 2,000 lumen.

Elegant OLEDs for a feel-good atmosphere

The LUCEOS ROP modules are ideal for decorative lighting applications and offer great flexibility. Products in the LUCEOS ROP series can meet a wide range of requirements, from elegant table lights and accent lighting integrated into walls to wide-area effect lighting. They are available in HEXAGONAL and ROUND versions. The dimmable modules produce a pleasant warm white light with excellent colour rendering. LUCEOS ROP modules are equipped with a magnetic holder for simple installation.

Low profile for design freedom and ease of handling

The dimmable modules in the LUREON REM product series are characterised by an extremely low profile. The benefits of OLEDs are apparent in stylish designer luminaires or unobtrusive area light sources. The LUREON REM series was developed primarily for innovative lighting concepts – whether in designer long-run office luminaires, for architectural lighting over a large area or as a fully integrated illuminated ceiling or wall. Tridonic will be offering this OLED module system from the end of the year in QUADRATIC and RECTANGULAR versions with an extremely low height of less than 2.5 mm.

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