TALEXXengine STARK DLE TWIST is available in the (non-dimmable) CLASSIC version with a luminous flux of 1,100 lm and colour temperatures of 3,000 K and 4,000 K. It is particularly suitable for downlights used in general lighting, and shows its strengths – depending on colour temperature – in the areas of retail, presentation and hospitality and also in wellness areas.


Moreover, the LED lighting unit serves as an alternative to compact fluorescent lamps with power ratings of 13 W, 18 W and 24 W and to 50 W halogen lamps. A version with 2,000 lm will be launched later this year, other models will follow.

The LED light engine comprises an LED light source, a converter as well as an appropriate holder for installation in the luminaire in a housing. It cannot fail to impress with a colour rendering index in excess of 80 and high system efficiency, that is 60 lm/W at a colour temperature of 3,000 K and 70 lm/W at 4,000 K, each at a normal tc of 65 °C. Compared to compact fluorescent lamps, the 4,000 K (70 lm/W) version, for instance, saves some 35 % of energy; compared to low-voltage halogen lamps, even as much as 60 % can be saved. As all components of the LED lighting unit are manufactured in-house, a five-year guarantee is granted for the complete system.

Installation is extremely easy: the holder is mounted on the heat sink, then the LED lighting unit is simply screwed into the holder, like a conventional light bulb. In this way, thermal, physical and electrical connection is established, making the product ready for use. Via a spring, the light engine and cooling surface are in permanent contact, which ensures permanent dissipation of heat and therefore a long service life for the LED unit.

Due to the proprietary electrical components used, the LED module can be replaced easily, for instance with the 2,000 lm version announced. The connection technology used complies with the Zhaga Consortium’s standards as planned; the Consortium’s aim is the interchangeability of a variety of different LED products. This means that it will be possible for future LED light sources with different lumen or power ratings to be fitted in an existing lighting system as well.