Metro Cash & Carry Flagship-Store

Location: Beijing/China
Products: , TALEXXchain P511 DL, TALEXXconverter K240

Metro is known worldwide for its unprecedented and unique Cash & Carry system. Spread over thirty-one countries the company has around 280,000 employees throughout the world. In 1995, Metro launched its Chinese activities by establishing the Metro Jinjiang Cash & Carry Co. Ltd., a strategic alliance with the famous Jinjiang Group of China.

During the first nine years Metro opened thirty supermarkets all over China. Finally, in 2006 the maiden Cash & Carry flagship store was set up in Wanquanhe, Beijing. To mark this landmark store opening, Metro Cash & Carry signed a contract with the World Association of Chinese Cuisine to initiate the China Chef Training Programme. A programme, which was designed to promote Chinese cuisine during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The store itself offers outstanding shopping facilities with its distinct floors for food and non-food items. A huge international selection of more than 200 wines, a training kitchen where Metro experts demonstrate their knowledge and skills in cuisines as well as the Chef Club, which serves as an exchange platform of cuisine knowledge, present a new shopping experience. The building and in particular the outdoor signage has to transport the Metro Cash & Carry brand image unmistakably to the customer.

The signage was carefully designed by Tridonic‘s local partner DEFI. In this flagship store one sign exposes the well known “METRO” lettering with the impressive height of three meters. To pinpoint the importance of the Chinese market to the Metro Group, a dedicated sign displays the Chinese letters for Metro Cash & Carry.

Instead of the usual PMMA covering DEFI utilised 3M film for both signs. The size of the signage and the complexity of the Chinese sign necessitate the deployment of that technique. In order to achieve the required high luminance the signs are illumed by 290 chains of Tridonic‘s excellent TALEXXchain P511 DL modules, which provide exceptional signage brightness during the night.

“It was the extreme flexibility of the TALEXXchain modules which made the illumination of the complex Chinese sign possible at all” says DEFI‘s lighting engineer who was in charge of the whole installation. The Metro project exhibits just another example in which individual and complex lighting scenarios can be realized using Tridonic‘s well aligned range of excellent LED products.

The TALEXXchain modules are driven by a total of fourty-five sets of Tridonic‘s TALEXXconverter 0100 K240 12 V, ensuring long life time and extremely low power consumption providing a very environmentally friendly solution to the customer.

Thanks to the well-balanced products from Tridonic the overall impression of the signage is extremely smooth and homogenous, confirming the brand messages Metro Cash & Carry Co., Ltd. wants to send to its customers.

Project data
Owner: Metro Cash & Carry Co., Ltd.
Signage: DEFI Group
Project finalised: 2008
Used equipment: TALEXXchain P511 DL,
TALEXXconverter K240