Double Dynamic Lighting

What is DDL?#

DDL – light source with hand. Photo: Chris Fraser
Photo: Chris Fraser

DDL stands for Double Dynamic Lighting. Combining the dynamism of daylighting and sky with artificial lighting to bring the qualities of daylight indoor for work spaces and others.


Joung man with laptop in nature

To connect human with nature and to enhance the quality of lighting by combining the values of daylighting with artificial lighting.

Rethinking light#


DDL partners: Aalborg University, iGuzzini, Fagerhult, Tridonic, Zumtobel

In a unique collaborative project, partners from the fields of lighting technology and solutions, including Tridonic, iGuzzini, Fagerhult and Zumtobel, have been working with Aalborg University for the past three years. “Rethinking Light” was the idea that inspired leading companies in the lighting industry to join forces in supporting new fundamental research into dynamic lighting by Aalborg University in Copenhagen.

DDL concept and design recommendations#

Double Dynamic Lighting in the lab. Table with 3 different light settings. Photos:
Photos: – Double Dynamic Lighting in the lab: Lighting scenes for weather conditions with overcast and clear sky and clear sky. The first setting was designed identically for both sky conditions, because this is a luminous condition, where there is only up to 50 lx on a working plane. This setting was designed for working hours, after sunset, and for transition hours in the morning and evening. The direct light component is defined with a warm color temperature (2700 K) and the diffuse light component with a neutral temperature (4000 K). The second light setting was designed for the clear sky condition with cool diffuse, ambient lighting (6000 K), referring to the cool skylight on a sunny day, and with a warm direct lighting component, a spotlight (3000 K).

The project was started in 2017 and in the duration of 3 years, the DDL lab was setup and three experiments have been performed in copenhagen to derive a new concept for future office spaces. This new approach of Double Dynamic Lighting (DDL) will have a positive impact on perceived atmosphere, visual comfort, and work engagement. The results demonstrate the potential to use new sensor and lighting technologies to meet human needs.

The project team produced proposals for lighting scenes based on the natural course of the daylight as well as current sky conditions. The findings can help to form future design guidelines and experiments exploring how a responsive lighting technology that reacts to and complements daylight inflow can reconnect man and nature.

Download the white paper Download the LEUKOS paper Indoor and Built Environment paper

Tridonic as enabler#

DDL Lab – room with two tables and objects on tables

Double Dynamic Lighting needs smart technology. Our competence in controls and sensoric will help to provide the right products for DDL projects. Our next step will be to work on an inhouse DDL installation for our headquarters in Dornbirn, Austria. This will help us and our partners for future DDL applications and projects – to make DDL happen.

Press release#

We have published a press release about the DDL research project with statements from the participating partners.

Read the press release

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We will be happy to discuss opportunities for DDL with you and find out how to realise projects.
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