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Tunable White simulates the natural course of daylight, noticeably improving well-being and concentration. It does this using light colours ranging from cool-white to warm-white, allowing a high degree of individuality through variable adjustment. With its coordinated and technically perfected system of modules, drivers and controls, Tridonic offers artificial daylight dynamics at the highest level.

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Module Tunable White PREMIUM
The Tunable White lighting solution now replicates the entire spectrum between 2,700 and 6,500 K. Different light colours are generated using cool-white and warm-white LEDs, each with two terminals available.

The colour temperature can be set to any value. The colourSWITCH mode enables the light colour to be selected specifically for the application. The system can also be dimmed between 100 and 3 % without any shift in colour temperature. The system is pre-calibrated at the factory and can be used immediately without any further adjustment.

Calibrated Engine Tunable White
The 2-channel modules optimally cover the colour spectrum from 2,700 to 6,500 K, while the drivers maintain the selected colour temperature range even in dimming operation. Thanks to the newly developed intelligence in the DT8 driver, all module and driver tolerances can be eliminated during calibration. This results in precise colour temperature locations even in dimming operation. The second generation also impresses with an expanded dimming range up to 3 percent and excellent colour rendering of CRI > 90. 
The engine Tunable White system has been pre-calibrated ex works and is offered in kits comprising an LED Driver and two to six LED modules. The Tunable White modules are also available separately. With the PREMIUM category drivers, the Tunable White solution can be controlled via DT8 using a push button or touch panel.

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