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Latest press releases (2015)
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collapse this descriptioncollapse this description Tridonic commits to connectivity
Dornbirn, April 10, 2015 – Solutions for intelligent, connected and efficient lighting are right at the top of Tridonic's agenda in the International Year of Light. The company is presenting three LED systems that support luminaire manufacturers with appropriate component solutions and represent important milestones on the path to networking, providing customers with a strong competitive edge.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description More design, less installation
Dornbirn, April 10, 2015 – As miniaturised light sources, LEDs offer great design freedom to luminaire manufacturers. So far, LED drivers which are essential and need a lot more space than the light sources themselves have placed restrictions on the design. With the TALEXXengine DC String, Tridonic is now offering an LED solution which makes AC/DC converters and DC/DC components go their separate ways, creating space for new design ideas.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description LED luminaires for the new LEE at ETH Zürich
Dornbirn, March 18, 2015 – With its TALEXXengine QLE LED modules, Tridonic offers luminaire developers and manufacturers efficient light sources based firmly on the system approach. The individual modules can be interconnected via plug connectors. Up to six can be powered and controlled from a common driver. The lighting system for the new LEE building at the ETH University in Zürich is a prime example of the flexibility of design that these modules offer.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description New flagship LED driver
Dornbirn, March 3, 2015 – The PREMIUM TALEXXdriver series has been designed to keep pace with rapid developments in LED technology and offers an extremely high degree of flexibility. It features the new digital “ready2mains” interface which uses the existing mains cable for data transfer. Different casing versions and output classes with application-optimised operating ranges make the LED Drivers ideal for a wide range of professional LED solutions.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description TALEXX accessory set from Tridonic
Dornbirn, February 12, 2015 – LED light sources open up new possibilities in lighting design. Not only are they highly durable, they are extremely energy efficient. But switching to LED technology is an option not only when planning a new lighting system. With the new accessory set for TALEXXmodule LLE from Tridonic, existing linear luminaires equipped with T5 or T8 fluorescent lamps can be quickly and easily upgraded to state-of-the-art LED technology.  more
collapse this descriptioncollapse this description connecDIM: Decentralised Light Management 2.0
Dornbirn, Austria – Tridonic unveils connecDIM, an easy-to-integrate light management system solution for industry and commerce. The system, comprising connecDIM Gateway and connecDIM Cloud, combines cost efficiency and user-friendly design with decentralised light monitoring and control options from anywhere in the world. Small applications with only a few DALI devices can benefit just as much as complex lighting systems in large properties.  more