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A perfectly matched LED system in no time at all

Tridonic offers a new web tool which enables you to easily find the right converter for the LED module and set up a perfectly matched Tridonic system.  more...

RSS feeds expanded

Tridonic is expanding the RSS feeds to include the technical data sheets. You can now subscribe to additional technical information, such as tender documents, environmental declarations and operating instructions.  more...


The new compact TALEXXengine STARK NEW DLE modules are 80 percent more efficient than their predecessors. A larger light emission surface also leads to a lower luminance and better glare reduction options for downlights.  more...

Tridonic goes Social Media

Tridonic is now starting to engage in social media activities. With immediate effect, information concerning the company and its products is available on YouTube and LinkedIn.  more...

Tridonic is Sponsor of category Applied Innovations

The renowned Zumtobel Group Award has been extended for the 2014 submission to sharpen the focus on urban developments and applied innovations in the built environment.  more...

TALEXXconverter TOP

The TALEXXconverter TOP series offers precise output current control, high efficiency and flexibility. This third series rounds off Tridonic's new converter portfolio which can now provide the right device for any application.  more...

Energy label for LED luminaires

From now on, Tridonic will be providing an energy index for all LED light sources. This means that Tridonic is already meeting the requirements of implementation measure 874/2012 which will come into force in September and which requires all luminaires and light sources to have appropriate energy labelling.  more...

QR codes at Tridonic

Tridonic is now printing QR codes on its product packaging, catalogues and leaflets. Customers can then use their smartphones or tablets to scan the codes and quickly access essential product information on the Tridonic website.  more...

New TALEXX converter platform

The new TALEXX converter platform brings a high degree of clarity and makes it easier for luminaire manufacturers to develop LED luminaires.  more...

TALEXXconverter ECO

The ECO converter series is the flagship of the new converter platform, offering stepless dimming, a high degree of flexibility and sophisticated functionality. Designed for use in spotlights and downlights, the devices are ideal for shops, offices, hotels and restaurants.  more...

High-performance OLED lighting module

At the beginning of the new year, Tridonic landed a big break with OLED modules for professional lighting. Available in series, the new lighting module from the OLEDmodule LUREON REP product range for the first time achieves a luminous flux of more than 100 lumens, at dimensions of 99 mm x 99 mm. In addition, LUREON REP achieves a system efficiency of over 50 lm/W in neutral white, which is much higher than that achieved by comparable products on the market.  more...


There is a newcomer to the TALEXXengine STARK CLE series. From March Tridonic will be offering an LED alternative to circular 60 W fluorescent lamps.

TALEXXengine STARK LLE 24 – double length for easier assembly

The LED solution for TALEXXengine STARK LLE 24 linear and panel luminaires will also be available from March in a length of 560 mm. These new dimensions will reduce assembly costs during luminaire manufacture.

Refined LED light with TALEXXengine STARK SLE

Tridonic is expanding its portfolio in the successful TALEXXengine STARK SLE range for use in spotlights and downlights. There is also a new mini version and a series of new light colours.

Tridonic adds to its LED converter portfolio with TALEXXconverter LCBI

At the start of February Tridonic is launching a series of LED converters with phase dimming technology. These compact devices will be ideal as LED alternatives to low-voltage halogen lighting.

TALEXXconverter TEC with complete compact converter portfolio

The TEC LED converter series combines classic Tridonic quality with an attractive pricing structure. The portfolio will be expanded in middle of the year.

DALI TOUCHPANEL 02 for greater user convenience

The multi-functional DALI TOUCHPANEL 02 control panel for DALI circuits now has a new look and feel – improved operation, new functions and new layouts mean greater ease of use for your DALI lighting control systems.

New look and feel for the FLASH customer magazine

30 years after the first edition of FLASH appeared Tridonic has given it a complete makeover.
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