What are the case studies?

What are the case studies? Where is it in use?


Connected lighting is the key to modern architecture

Smart lighting control and management systems introduce a wide range of possibilities which take present construction to the next level.

Use casesUse cases

Life Cycle Tower ONE

The Rhomberg building Life Cycle Tower ONE (LCT ONE) is home to a new pilot project between the Zumtobel Group, Rhomberg GmbH and Bosch Software Innovations that came to life in spring 2016. It is a great example of how the combination of innovative Software and IoT-Systems helps to reduce maintenance costs and improve the productivity of space.

Sattler Lighting

The new headquarters of Sattler Lighting is completely controled by a connecDIM light management system. By collecting all kinds of parameters the system provides a detailed overview of light and energy consumption. Besides it offers an easy way of adjusting the light to different situations and needs. more...

Tatel Restaurant

Of course the restaurant in Madrid owns its prestige mostly to its three famous owners, the ambience and its food. But also the lighting solution attracts world wide attention. Connected to a cloud it introduces numerous possibilities regarding easy light controlling and data transmission. more...

Land Securities

Land Securities deploys PoE (Power over Ethernet) lighting across a number of its office locations. Each light fixture can be individually addressed with an IP address. Regarding future lighting solutions it is also possible to easily add new sensor and communication modules. Source: https://technology.ihs.com/api/binary/586286

Products & SensorsProducts & Sensors

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