PCIS outdoor 45 W and 50 W – the perfect choice for outdoor areas

The PCIS outdoor FOX B011 and PCIS outdoor DIM B011 range of ballasts is perfect for operating discharge lamps used in outdoor areas. The new 45 W and 50 W versions are specifically geared to use with particularly energy-efficient metal halide lamps.

PCS outdoor DIM B011

The 45 W and 50 W models of the range of PCIS outdoor ballasts are considered the perfect completion of the range. They cover all outdoor applications using high-intensity sodium vapour lamps as well as metal halide lamp such as Streetwise, CosmoWhite or UrbanWhite. The non-dimmable PCIS outdoor FOX B011 ballasts as well as the dimmable PCIS outdoor DIM B011 versions feature high operational reliability and a long ballast service life of 60,000 h at an ambient temperature of up to 55 °C.

PCIS outdoor ballasts are ideal components for lighting systems that are intended to combine energy-efficient operation with convenience and high lighting quality, as they can be integrated into intelligent lighting control systems for outdoor areas via a digital interface. Maintenance effort and costs are minimised by qualified system monitoring based on error feedback and queries of ballast and lamp status.

Moreover, depending on the high intensity discharge lamp used, the luminous flux of dimmable PCIS outdoor DIM ballasts can be dimmed continuously in the range between 40 % and 100 % via DALI or DSI signals. Using an additional 230 V control line, “step dimming” allows to set a lower luminous flux level for night-time hours, thereby saving up to 50 % of energy.


PCIS, PCI, PCS outdoor FOX B011
PCIS, PCS outdoor DIM B011