Ambient temperature


Type of protection

The type of protection indicates the suitability of electrical equipment (for example devices, luminaires and installation material) for various ambient conditions. The letters IP are followed by two numbers. These indicate the level of protection that a casing offers in terms of contact or foreign bodies (first number) and moisture or water (second number).


  • IP20: Protection against contact and foreign bodies > 12.5 mm diameter
  • IP54: Protection against splashes from all directions
  • IP67: Protection against water penetration on temporary immersion




Temperature at a certain point (Tc point) on the ECG casing (case temperature)



TE xxx

Product reference for electronic safety transformers for low-voltage halogen lamps.

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Total Harmonic Distortion




Transformers convert (transform) the primary voltage into a secondary voltage in a ratio that depends on the design of the transformer. There are basically two types of transformer, magnetic transformers and electronic transformers.