A case in point is the Intermarché supermarket chain, which has around 1,800 stores in France and a further 200 stores in other European countries. The stores are independently owned and combine together under the Intermarché brand to deliver consistently low prices to their customers.

The Intermarché brand also has a strong commitment to sustainability and has undertaken a number of initiatives to reduce its energy consumption and carbon emissions. These have included an evaluation of the illuminated signage used at all stores, where measures have been taken recently to move to a more energy and life-cost efficient solution.

Having evaluated a number of options, the company opted for Tridonic TALEXXchain LED fixtures, combined with TALEXXconverter units to ensure a stable voltage was supplied to the light sources.

One of the most striking signs included in the project is black during the day and white during the night, using additional red lighting to enhance the visual impact of the signs. The white lighting is achieved using TALEXXchain P511-3 fixtures, configured to maintain a minimum luminance of 250 cd/m². The red lighting uses TALEXXchain P515-2 LED light sources, with a minimum luminance of 80 cd/m².

Life cycle benefits

This arrangement offers significant benefits compared to traditional illuminated signage, including energy savings and reduced maintenance requirements. For example, the LED solution reduces energy consumption by around 55 % compared to signage using fluorescent lighting. In addition, the LEDs have a life of 10 years.

As a result, there is a fast return on investment. A 13 m high sign, for instance, will give a return on investment of less than 4 years when considering energy costs alone. When reduced maintenance costs are also taken into account, this period falls to less than 2 years.

In fulfilling Intermarché’s requirements, Tridonic worked closely with its distributor YAKI and a number of signage companies. Once the project is complete, the Tridonic LED signage solution will encompass all of the company’s stores in France, as well as stores in Portugal, Belgium and Spain.