LED downlights are the future

Shopping is now an experience that speaks to the senses. And of course this makes light one of the most important design elements – for customers to find their way around a store easily and for store owners to provide sales-boosting accent and display lighting. Downlights in particular are excellent at performing these tasks as part of a shop lighting system. More and more, however, conventional light sources are being replaced by LED solutions such as TALEXXengine STARK DLE from Tridonic because these offer significant added value on account of their special properties such as outstanding quality of light, long life and energy efficiency.


There is also a certain degree of standardisation to make it easier for users to go down the path of substitution. Defined luminous fluxes and colour temperatures give lighting designers the confidence to produce precise plans and allow display space or retail areas to be presenting in precisely the atmosphere required. And uniform dimensions make it easier for luminaire manufacturers to integrate this pioneering LED technology in a wide range of downlights.

A triumphant triumvirate

TALEXXengine STARK DLE is a matched LED system that is ready for use and comprises an LED module, converter and Plug’n Play connecting cable, offering high luminous efficacy of up to 65 lm/W. The excellent colour rendering of CRI > 90, the outstanding Tridonic-specific white light quality and the white diffuser surface for a neutral appearance make this unit particularly good for the shop sector. There are three versions covering all possible applications from simple to demanding.

The basic version, TALEXXengine STARK DLE CLASSIC, has a colour temperature of 3000 K or 4000 K and a luminous flux of 1100 lm, 2000 lm or 3000 lm. Technical products for example can be lit with a cool light, and leather goods and fashion items can be displayed in a warm light. In addition, the TALEXXengine STARK DLE SELECT LED system enables the luminous flux to be dimmed in a range from 100 % to 5 % without changing the colour rendering properties. If the lighting demands are particularly high in terms of changing the lighting mood then the TALEXXengine STARK DLE PREMIUM version is the right choice.

Tuning in

TALEXXengine STARK DLE PREMIUM is the high-end version that allows you to change the lighting mood. “Tunable White”* allows high-quality white light to be set to any colour temperature between 2700 K and 6500 K. Shop designers can set up lighting moods to suit the merchandise on display, changing the mood as new collections come in with different colour schemes. Light colours favoured by food retailers such as “cool meat” for fresh and cooked meats, “Gold” for bakery products and also special corporate design colours can be achieved thanks to high-quality PI-LED® technology.

Downlights with STARK DLE PREMIUM are also ideal for creating individual atmospheric shopping experiences. This high-end version can be easily controlled via DALI, switchDIM or ColourSwitch.

Perfect substitutes

These properties make the CLASSIC, SELECT and PREMIUM versions of the TALEXXengine STARK DLE LED system the perfect light sources for downlights. They will be popular not only in shops but also in museums, offices, foyers, restaurants and hotels thanks to their functionality, quality and ease of handling – all in all a well designed LED solution from Tridonic.

* Tunable White is based on PI-LED® technology. PI-LED® is a registered brand of Lumitech.

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