HID – PCIS outdoor FOX and PCIS outdoor DIM

Urban lighting combined with energy efficiency

The new single-lamp PCI outdoor FOX B011 and PCI outdoor DIM B011 ballasts in 45 W, 60 W, 90 W and 140 W versions have been designed specifically for operating the energy-efficient CosmoWhite metal halide lamps from Philips and UrbanWhite lamps from Sylvania. The casing dimensions of 150 x 90 x 40 mm of the non-diommable and dimmable versions indicate that these ballasts belong to the PCIS outdoor family for standard wattages.

PCI 70 outdoor B011

PCIS 250 outdoor DIM B011

The Streetwise lamps from GE Lighting, which have also been designed for urban lighting, can be operated with existing PCI devices in accordance with their specifications.

All the members of the powerCONTROL family offer exceptional reliability and long life of 60,000 hours at an ambient temperature of up to 55 °C. Protection against moisture, dust, vibrations and mains transients up to 10 kV and automatic end-of-life shutdown combine to increase the reliability of the lighting systems.

Via the digital interface, the entire spectrum of PCIS outdoor FOX B011 ballasts and PCIS outdoor DIM B011 ballasts can be integrated in intelligent lighting control systems for outdoor applications.

The dimmable PCIS outdoor ballasts offer several options for adapting the luminous flux to increase energy efficiency, including stepless dimming via DALI or DSI signals and step dimming via an additional 230 V control line or via the digital ZRM U6M power changeover switch without the need for a control line.

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